New Year, New Life

A lot had happen since last year, been so wind up with a lot of changes that is overwhelming, been busy planning a wedding, setting up things at work, packing up, traveling, rearrange last minute details, crazy. But everything has been worth it, hard but I’m taking every brick to build a new wall. Because now, I live where I never expected in years to be living, I have a different phone number, I speak a different language on my daily basis, I quit my job, I change my last name, I changing my wardrobe for one that includes 4 seasons in a year (that’s awesome), I’m cooking everyday, and I call a new place home.

It’s hard to get adjusted when everything you have known isn’t around you in the way you had it before, the food is different, the company is different, the friends are different, the weather, my bed, that new place that you can be comfortable that you call as your own.

Everything is a challenge, everyday is one. So here I am doing my best to improve as you try too. So let’s get ready for Valentine’s.